Jada Packaging Products
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    32 Years Professional production

  • 3500

    Annual output value is over 35 million

  • 6000

    6000㎡ Plant area

  • 5000

    5000㎡ Large warehouse

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The enterprise own advanced equipment such as Four-Color printing machine with die-cutting function, automatic nailing/sticking and packing machine, automatic die cutting machine.  Huge storage with temperature and humidity management. We provide full packing solution to customers.

4color printing machine


Why Our Customers Love Us

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    Product Strength

    Imported high-quality cattle cardboard

    Advanced processing equipment

    Strictly control the quality, and monitor the quality throughout the entire process from expectation to shipment

    OEM design and packaging scheme (provide customers with design drafts and print drawings)

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    Factory Strength

    ISO9001 quality control systm

    National 3A Certified Integrity Enterprise, National Printing License Unit

    Practical, honest, provide customers with all-round packaging solutions

    Independent industrial park, covering an area of 6000 square meters, 5000 square meters of large warehouse

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    Service Advantage

    24 hours quotation

    Provide customers with packaging design (within 2 days)

    Use materials in strict accordance with customer requirements (promise not to subtract or steal materials)

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    core advantages

    High printing accuracy 380 mesh, full suction printing is free, avoiding the pressure deformation of the cylinder printing on the corrugation.

    High degree of automation, high efficiency, reduce processing costs

    Strictly control the quality of raw materials: cardboard, ink, glue, etc.

    Provide customers with design solutions

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    Product Strength

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    Factory Strength

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    Service Advantage

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    Core Advantages

Carton Products

About Us

Shenzhen Jada Packing Products Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jada packaging products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as jada) is located at No. 184, kuiqing Road, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City. The company was founded in September 1989. After 32 years of development, it has a complete set of equipment, including single, double and four-color printing machines, high-speed printing machines, automatic beer machines, slotting, paper splitting and carton gluing, as well as a complete set of cardboard box testing equipment. The average annual output value of the company is more than 35 million. Can print 4 colors, 3 colors and design all kinds of carton beer box according to customer requirements. Now it has a large number of excellent customers, such as Yonghe group, Hunter building materials, sile food, anfino optical fiber, Kunlun Tongtai automation, etc. it is a well-known carton manufacturer of Guanlan in Shenzhen.  
Jada carton factory in line with the "pursuit of quality first, provide reliable products, meet the needs of customers, never-ending climbing" purpose, the implementation of quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, efficiency and capital saving quality, the company from top to bottom, forge ahead, product quality won the trust and praise of customers. As a trustworthy Guanlan carton factory, we are based on quality, pay attention to the needs of customers, abide by relevant laws and regulations, and produce high-quality products to meet the needs of the market.  
The company can produce single pit, double pit, three pit corrugated box, with professional equipment, excellent talents, is the expert of packaging solutions, to provide customers with a full range of packaging solutions. Specializing in the production of all kinds of paper: k = k, k = a, a = a, a = B, B = B, B = C, K ≡ K, K ≡ a, K ≡ B, w ≡ K, w ≡ a, w ≡ B, w ≡ C, w ≡ K, w ≡ a, w = B, W3K, w3a, w3b, w9a, w9b, k3k, K3A, K3, k9k, a9a, b9b We have advanced carton forming equipment, large-scale die-cutting machinery, all kinds of special-shaped carton design and processing.
In order to meet the packaging needs of customers, as a professional carton factory, Jada does not blindly pursue profits. Strive to achieve the promise that the weight of paper quoted by customers is the weight of paper produced. Among them, we promise not to feed and not to reduce weight. This concept of honest management supports Jada to be invincible in all kinds of crises.
The company has many years of in-depth cooperation with the upstream paper enterprises, and has been rated as A-class high-quality customers for many years. In the period of tight supply of raw materials, Jada can still provide customers with stable service. It is widely praised and recognized by customers.

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